3rd Annual Christchurch International Tattoo Expo

3rd Annual

Christchurch International

Tattoo Expo

17-19 January 2020

Gathering artists from around New Zealand and around the world.

 Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How much is entry?    $20 at the door. Cash only. 

  2. Can I get tattooed at this event?   Quick answer is YES, however some artists may already be booked.    We have over 100 tattooers every year so you’ll have plenty  of talent to choose from. 

  3. If I have an appointment with an artist must I still pay?   Normally, yes.  Your artist might have a pass for you. Check with them. 

  4. Can I use my credit card with my tattooer?  Some vendors do accept credit cards, EFTPOS and PayPal, others don’t.  Check with them. 

  5. Can kids attend?  Yes, 12 and under are free.   No tattooing will be performed on minors during this event. 

  6. If my artist is booked and I leave, can I come back later that day?   Yes, but you must have your wristband on and intact.   We can not replace wristbands.

  7. If I set up a tattoo with an artist for the following day, must I pay again?  Yes, however your artist may have a pass for you. 

  8. Can I buy a weekend pass?   Sure….. 3 day passes are $30.

  9. How much will this design cost? For price quotes and availability, check with your artist directly.