2nd Annual Christchurch International Tattoo Expo

2nd Annual

Christchurch International

Tattoo Expo

25-27 January 2019

Gathering artists from around New Zealand and around the world.

Wigram banner.jpg

Wigram Air Force Museum  will be an ideal home for the Christchurch Tattoo Expo. Plenty of room for vendors and tattooers, a stage so everyone can watch the tattoo contests, quiet areas to chill a bit, exhibits for the kids to explore, and so many great places to eat and drink - from a few minutes' walk to right inside the building!

More Space/ More fun!

The new venue has lots of room - even sharing space with three awesome vintage aircraft, we're still able to have more booths, more variety, and A STAGE!

That's right, Expo 2 will have a proper stage so that everyone gets a chance to watch the tattoo contests!

chill out/ explore

The sound of 100+ tattoo machines all going at the same time is one of life's greatest pleasures, but it can be a bit overwhelming. If you're the type who needs a bit of a break now and then, we've got a spacious lobby with quiet corners and comfy seating. 

And if the kids are getting a bit restless, or maybe your favorite artist told you it'll be awhile before you start that full sleeve, take some time to explore the Air Force Museum itself - heaps of really fun exhibits!

food and drink

The new venue has its very own tuck shop with plenty of seating, and if that's not enough, we also have Nine Different Bars and Restaurants within three minutes of the front door! :)

Whatever your flavor r desire, you'll find something delicious right at hand!